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I'm needing some help in narrowing down a quality pre-amp that will be used 70% for music and 30% for home theater. The pre/processor must have an analog bypass with superior clarity for music - I don't want the stereo signal converted to digital via A/D-D/A. The pre/proc must decode DD, DTS and pro-logic (EX capabilities a bonus)It must also have a 5.1 (or 7.1) pre-in/out to accomodate SACD, DVD-A or both. Since CD processing will be done with an external DAC, I don't need the best DAC for the front channels but must be of high quality for all channels. The pre/proc must also have good bass management capabilities. The budget for this is around $1000 and used equipment is fine. What out there fits these requirements???
If you find one please let me know..

OK, maybe the $1000 budget is a little optimistic. I keep seeing models that have the features I want but convert the signal to digital to acheive it. I don't mind that it does this for HT (DD, DTS, etc) but I don't want my 2-channel "compromised" in this fashion. I would also like a 5.1 passive input for DVD-A or SACD if I ever want to consider that in the future - better yet, 2 of them! The only thing I have seen come close is a model by Sony TAN-p9000s but it does not decode the movie soundtracks. There has to be SOMETHING out there. Feedback is most appreciated!
Look at the new Outlaw 950. It is just shipping & has a large backorder but is $900.00 and the best value in a pre-pro on them market today. Wally
I think the new Anthem pre may work for you
Try EAD Encore.
I'm very pleased with this unit.
It goes for $1000-1400 used.
Thanks for the suggestions! I'll certainly check them out!
Walter, I agree with your suggestion -- and they are finally shipping. My hat's off to you. It's a tribute to our craft/obsession when someone in the business recommends a product they don't carry. Mr. Integrity, you da man!
Wally, Thank you for your suggestion. I went to their website and checked some user threads of the Outlaw 950 (you have to access it by going to the April newsletter - on the left of the Outlaw main page)! Aside from excitement over the unit finally shipping (it seems they don't charge your credit/debit card UNTIL it ships - that's a GREAT deal there! I wish all companies would do that! Sorry, I digress) most of the other recent threads included bad hissing through the stereo and 5.1 analog outputs. And there a LOT of postings on that topic - a few too many for my confort at this point. That said, these were comments from the beta version users. I'll check the site in a couple of weeks and see what comments get posted from the people just now receiving their units. It looks like a great machine with all of the features I posted I was looking for - thank's for the head's-up! However, a unit without a low noise floor usually gets the death sentence from me. If there are any Outlaw 950 owners out there, could you supply a comment on this? Thanks! Tony
I have the Outlaw 950 and the hiss isn't an issue for me. I have to be within inches of the tweater to hear it. For the price it's hard to go wrong, though since you're into music I can't really recommend its 2 channel performance. I find it a bit harsh and a bit shrill in 2 channel and not terribly musical.

My solution will be to get a used 2 channel pre with HT bypass. Though I've heard better for movies, the sound is pretty darned good at the price. And getting a processor that does both movies and music well gets very expensive.
Thanks for the feedback Larryb!
You will not find a good home theater D/A processor for $1000, new or used. Period! Your best bet is to run your movie sound through a stereo unit and forget the home theater processor. If you listen to stereo music 70% of the time with this setup, you will be miserable 70% of the time. I have been through all this before. Learn from my mistakes.
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Thanks, Steakster. Since I started this post, I think that the absolute BEST option doesn't exist (as I am aware anyway) and I don't know why. What would be ideal in my system would be a separate "processor only" that decoded DD and DTS (ES a bonus). I would run a digital out to this unit from a DVD player. The processor would then have analogue outs running into a preamp that accepted such. In fact, the Sony TAP-9000es seems like the best application since it has 2, 5.1 inputs and is all analogue pass through. This would allow for a processor AND an SACD/DVD-A player to be routed directly through the preamp. The Sony also has a true 2-channel analogue pass through so I could continue to use my DAC from my CD player! I may need more interconnects with this configuration but it would get rid of the other (more detrimental) compromises. Most AV preamps that have DD and DTS decoding, seem to convert ALL signals into digital for processing and then back to analogue. It seems that very few of them, in the $ range I'm looking at, have a high quality analogue pass through. This means I'm stuck with whatever DAC is in the preamp to ultimately produce the sound! At this point in my "journey", it seems like I have found the preamp but can't find a processor ONLY that does DD AND DTS. I have seen processors do one or the other but not both (I currently have an outboard DD processor). This approach seems to be the best for the upgrade path. Keep an excellent preamp that accepts multiple 5.1 and 2-channel inputs and just upgrade the "hardware" that makes the music - in this case a processor for the home theater stuff and a SACD/DVD-A/DVD-V for the video and hi-rez multi-channel stuff! It looks like the Sony can be had for around $400 and a good "processor only" shouldn't cost more than $800! For this $1200, I would have an awesome "AV preamp" that would provide me more flexibility with home theater and multi-channel, at a fraction of the cost of the big name (Anthem, Bryston, EAD, etc.) AV preamps that espouse to be great with home theater and stereo! I've even read posts here where people are advocating buying receivers to use as processors! Why buy all the other stuff in a receiver if you're not going to use it? I think the manufacturers are really missing the boat on this one (but what else is new?)!!!