Name the tube amp in the Lexus commercial

I just saw a Lexus commercial tonight that featured a tube amp and the commentary "...this produces frequencies that only a dog can hear.." Can anyone identify the amp in the ad?
It's a Jolida. It appears to be a JD 502B(RC) depending whether or not is has the remote option. See:
Funny! I was watching this ad with my wife last night. She asked if I knew what amp it was. Unfortunately, I could not identify it. Now I'll have the smarty-pants answer.
Guess it was not a very successful commercial, it was for Acura, not Lexus!
The tubes look like kt88's and I thought it was a Cary amp.
on a relatd note... isn't that an Audio Research amp under the TV in one of the new Intel adds?

maybe I was seeing things...
Not to thread-jack this, but I've been seeing this a lot lately. Obscure luxury or vintage products in commercials or programming. Stuff (not only audio) that does not add to the "plot" or marketing message, IMO. (Acura ad notwithstanding). I have a theory; I think the art director/executive producer/whomever uses them as props for one of three reasons:
1. They will become surplus props and can be purchased cheaply by insiders.
2. They inflate the cost of the programming, which can then enter into Hollywood's infamous creative accounting to keep costs high and profits low to avoid paying taxes and "points" to actors with a piece of the action.
3. Both 1 and 2.
I know, I know, I'm, ignorant, cynical and paranoid!!!! Flame away. But I really can't see the point in using ultra-high end products as props on a set, unless they are referenced in some way. There are very few of us who know what this stuff is, so its not like they are establishing an ambience. To most people, a speaker is a speaker and a performance car is a performance car, but I have seen real rare/luxury examples of both turn up as props for no reason I can figure.
definitely a jolida
The only reason that a prop is in the commercial is because it is supposed to cause an emotional reaction. It is interesting when people come to my house and see my turntable and tubes and system. They look perplexed at first and then you can see them trying to figure it out what it is all about and looking right at me in forming the opinion. Acura is the upbrand of Honda so it might be trying to link a better sense of refinement and quality that is worth the additional expense.

I see turntables all the time now and I think that the idea is to illicit the value of the simpler times and nostalgia.
Does anyone know the brand name of the speakers used in House's office on the show House;I know for sure the turntable is Sota but the speakers I can't put a name to.
The first time I saw that commercial I was thinking, "Wow, that looks like a Jolida!" I was impressed, too, that one of the things that was being associated with living the high life was having a tube amp. It's interesting that they chose the Jolida because I would guess that only a minority of Americans now could recognize a tube amp.

It's interesting that they chose the Jolida because I would guess that only a minority of Americans now could recognize a tube amp.
I imagine its a very, very small minority which is why I think that there is another motive, esp. when its a VERY high end product. I think that there are some very expensive speakers in one of the sets of 30 Rock for example; maybe Consensus?
I think it's about time that we start to see audiophile type gear in ads, and not XXse lifestyle type systems.

I always found it silly when I would lust over the interiors of the mansions of the rich and famous and see how they wimped out on the audio side of things.

It seems like it's just fine to brag about spending big bucks on an imported coffee machine, and not spend anything but chump change on the stereo system, if there even is one.

The more "normal" people see this stuff the better it is for the hobby.

Now concerning House, I am undecided about how his character advances our hobby or not.
I guess it depends on what your opinion of him is.

And yes that does indeed look like a vintage Audio Research amp sitting under the TV.
Not a speaker in site, maybe the AR was thrown in with the cement block/wood plank 1970's audio furniture-retro chic?
Lacee-House(Hugh Laurie) is quite a gifted musical person with playing piano,guitar and even writing music;so I can see him using real high end gear on the set if he has any say;the sota is a high end turntable;just can't figure out the speakers in his office setting.
House also had an episode where he had a Honda CBR1000rr Repsol Edition on his show. I assume he rides cool sportbikes like I :)
Never saw it, but did see one in plain view in an Acura
commercial. Seemed to be a champagne color like the Canary
amp or CJ. It looked like a premier 11 or one mono Prem.12
I believe the speakers on House are Duevel and the speakers on 30 Rock are Revel....
I agree Hugh Laurie is a gifted musician,he also played a buffoon English king in the Blackadder series,House is yet another character.

The House character (or Hugh?) is fighting the long held belief that musicians don't care about good hifi.
But some of us(musicians) do care about how the music we enjoy sounds.

The vexing part is "House" is also a poster boy (his quirky character)for what many perceive an audiophile is--neurotic, self aggrandizing, fill in the rest of the blanks.
Arthursmuck thanks for the speaker id in House and 30 Rock.
Lacee I got to think that musicians would have excellant electronics and speakers in their stereo systems;I would think they would want the best sound that can be obtained unless they have a full studio like David Gilmour then they probally don't need a main system.I remember many many years ago stereophile did a system Fabio had and it was to me at the time one that people with financial means would put togther krell amps,huge martin logan speakers specially made for him and I always thought that must reproduce the music perfectly.I wished they had done more systems of celebrities or musicians but I never saw any others profiled.
I guess they need the commercial to keep the viewer from looking at that ugly new Acura front end!
It's a Toyota amplifier.

Once the owner adjusts volume to a moderate level the control becomes inoperable and SPL increases continuously until the paint peels in your room.

Pulling the power cord has no effect.
Audiofeil thats a good one!!!
The character in the Lexus (Acura) ad is clearly not an Audiogon regular... otherwise he would not be making all those pretentious and poorly informed statements about his hi fi gear. LOL
What?! You mean you don't have a hi-end system in your house dedicated to keep your beloved pooch entertained? Show some love to man's best friend!

I think there are two versions of the commercial. One where he talks about how rare it is, one where he says only dogs can hear it.
6550c your right I caught that as well