Name that tune?

I was watching a Warner Brothers cartoon the other day, heard a tune I'd forgotten, and can't get it out of my head. The cartoon involved two black birds (I think magpies?) and these bird hopped around raising havoc and never make a sound except for da da da didda da da, da da da didda da, didda didda da da, didda didda didda da da, da da da didda da da or at least something to that effect. The music was orchestral not sung. I'm wondering if this is some classical composition or something I couild buy?
Thanks for your help.
It's hard to place, I think you were off key!
doowahdiddy diddy (dumdiddydo)
Heckle and Jeckle Rhapsody in G minor
Actually, you might be able to find the name of the short here and that may lead you to the composition:
The Big Cartoon DataBase
I guess it is the Heckle and Jeckle theme song.
Thanks for the help. Maybe this will narrow it down.
I've tried the cartoon network but have had no luck.
The late, great Carl Stalling wrote the Warner's cartoon music. There are two volumes still in print:
"The Carl Stalling Project"
"The Carl Stalling Project, Vol.2"
Chances are what you heard is on one of these discs. I'm going to give them a listen over the weekend and will report back.