Name That tune

I heard a song on TV a couple of weeks ago and now it's permanently stuck in my head. It was a skinny black guy singing, accompanied by an acoustic guitar player. At first I thought it was star search but apparently this guys a pro. The song went something like this.

On Sunday
I met a lovely girl
On Monday
Took her for a ride
On Tuesday
And we was making love
By Wednesday
On Thursday and Friday and Saturday we chilled

If someone could name the tune and the artist it would be much appreciated
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It's a British R&B guy called Craig David
oops and the song is called 7 was a big UK hit in 2000 I think
Wow, Ben! A moving encyclopaedia, no less!
I believe the lyrics were taken from the old "Saturday Night Live" feature called "Deep Thoughts"....
Ok, Let's keep it friendly. Thanks Ben I'll research it.
Glen: I was sincerely impressed by Ben's spot-on & fast response!