Name that tonearm !

I cannot remember the name and the tonearm has absolutely no lettering or symbols to help me. I even looked under the table.

Here are your clues.

  1. I purchased the tonearm sometime between 1980 and 1985.
  2. At the time of purchase there was not a huge selection of tonearms to choose from. According to the various stereo magazines, this arm was generaly considered the second best arm on the market, right behind SME.
  3. I recently had a new cartridge installed and the tech told me it was one one the best balanced tonearms he had ever worked with.
  4. I’m not sure, but I almost think the company name was comprised of initials - like SME.
  5. As a point of reference REGA turntables had just started to make a big splash.
Pictures are in my virtual gallery.

I would offer a prize, but I don’t know what he correct answer is.


It is a Luxman TA-1 made by Micro Seiki.

Exactly, this is Luxman TA-1 and i use this tonearm on one of my PD-444, it's great for high compliance carridges and much better build than the Black Widow. The armwand is removable, i'd love to find spare armwands (it acts like the one big headshell). 
Thank you!    That is definitely not a name I remember and normally I would emphatically say, "No, that can't be right."  Nevertheless, seeing is believing and that sure is my tonearm.   I wonder if M.S. could have marketed it under a different name a some point?

Oh well, that IS my tonearm. 

Thanks a bunch.
I wonder if M.S. could have marketed it under a different name a some point?

Micro Seiki TA-1 or Luxman TA-1 

You know,,, after 35 years my mind is foggy but the name Luxman is ever so slightly starting to ring a bell.