Name some full range speakers.

I am just curious on what speakers out there in a full range performance, that can actually get down and do 20 hz. or below? No sub's please
" 20 hz. or below "

Your talking BIG speakers and BIG bucks...there are a few exceptions on the big bucks.

My VMPS Supertowers have no problem with 17hz and measure -6db at 15hz...the bottom section of the Supertowers are the large VMPS subs.

Now, if you are willing to spend some cash then this could grow to a long list...check out the Von Schweikert VR11's in member ( Lakefrontroad ) system if you want to see HUGE.

McIntosh XRT-28s... 18 hz and cost 18K... Love the speakers, but 20 hz (for real) dosen't come cheap.

Sound Lab full-range electrostats aren't spec'd to 20 Hz, but I have customers who have measured their M-1's, A-1's, and U-1's as having substantial output in that region.

A few months ago I delivered a pair of A-1's to a customer's house, and he wanted to measure the bass extension. So we used a Stereophile test disc of 1/3 octave warble tones, and a Radio Shack sound pressure level meter. The bass held up quite well, measuring only 6 dB down at 20 Hz. But, that's not flat to 20 Hz, now is it?

Well, maybe it is. The Radio Shack sound pressure level meter is down 6.2 dB at 20 Hz! So according to this crude measurement, these A-1's were truly "flat" (relative to the 1 kHz level) down to 20 Hz, with the -3 dB point somewhere lower still! Not bad for a full-range electrostat. The metal-frame U-1 will go even deeper.

I'm not suggesting Sound Labs for people who place a high priority on shaking the room with ultradeep bass, just noting that in the real world they can go down suprisingly deep. Even though I'd heard reports of similar results from customers, I was skeptical until I actually participated in the measurement process.

either mcintosh xrt 20's or xrt 22's,both have the bass you want & can be had pretty cheap used,there is a pair of xrt 20's for sale right now here on ag too.

the xrt 28's will also deliever the bass but IMO their overall sound is not as good as the 20's or 22's.

TDL Reference Studio Monitors. 18Hz - 20khz and these are transmissionlines as well !!!!
You may want to look at the Reimer Tetons as they go down to 16hz and have very controlled bass. They also have front firing ports and are relatively easy place for large speakers.

I'd call them big. Do they seem HUGE to you? Here in the room they're hardly noticable. Actually they disappear sonically. They are big, but not overpowering. I'd be lying if I said I don't notice them. It's kinda like standing on Fifth and Thirty-fourth Streets...
LOL, yes Bill...they do seem HUGE. Huge is fine with me though...Great system you have there Bill.

The venerable Apogee Scintilla, and Apogee Full Range, both straight-line through the 20 hZ barrier, and remain musical all the way.
vVMPS RM/X will do 20hz accurately, powerfully and with finesse. About 12k new.