Name an artist that had a great debut album and a great final album

John Prine
agreed on John.  There are many I suspect though....Leonard Cohen, David Bowie, Steve Ray Vaughn, Nick Drake.....
What a great idea for a thread, slaw! I'll have to do some thinking, but for now perhaps Warren Zevon, Hendrix, Dr. John.
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Cream (studio albums)
The Doors (only with Morrison)
Aphrodite's Child
Blind Faith
The Sex Pistols
The Police

Buddy Holly

John Lennon too -  but only if you begin with John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band.
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On that last one, “Ain’t No Grave”, Johnny was very ill and knew his days were numbered and you could hear it but amazingly that’s what helped to make it not just great but uniquely great as his final recording.

He embraced so many aspects of living that people could relate to in his music over the years and did not fail to do the same as he faced his own mortality.
Listening to the Beatles right now. I like all their albums so got to go with them.
The Beatles first album:  Please Please Me. At the time there was nothing like it. NOTHING. It change the whole game in the whole world. 
The Beatles last recording: Abby Road.  Gone with a bang. A masterpiece that very few could ever match.
I am going to add Townes Van Zandt to this list with For The sake of the song as his debut album and No Deeper Blue as his closing. I know there were a couple of live and compilation albums before his death but NDB was his last studio offering released before his death in 1997 and although a bit rough at times is a great album in my mind, maybe I was just a fan and more so today than yesterday. Enjoy the music
It will be difficult to beat Bob Dylan last and first album... And he goes on better and better....

I will put Leonard Cohen after Dylan....

It seems poets are more able to win this chase and challenge....
While I am at it, have to mention Guy Clark, certainly would not want to offend Steve Earle. Enjoy the music
The Great Swedish Singer Jussi Bjorling .

Try his "O Holy Night" , Christmas is near and you will never hear it sung like this .
It’s in his native Swedish which is irrelevant , God speaks it and you know the
words .Shot in Sweden.

"Holy night" by Marian Anderson, the greatest voice in America.. And in the world...

She can sing anything at the same level than any singer in ALL styles...

If you dont believe it, listen his Brahms " alto rhapsody", his Verdi, His Schubert....

The great writer Marguerite Yourcenar says that the greatest negro spiritual ever sang is by her..."crucifixion" and his "deep river" exceed any other rendition....

She top Maria Callas or Billie Holiday on the line, who say better?

She never made a continuous operatic singer carreer being black, she toured longtime with lieders, airs, and black music.....Sibelius adored her....Young she was prohibit from music school, being black, she learned almost by her own and with private teachers....

Try a Schubert lied or a Schuman one, or listen to her in Bach on par with Kathleen Ferrier....His humble,simple natural non sophisticated powerful flow cannot be stop and she surpass even Jessye Norman....She never needed to show herself and stay humble before the music..... Compare the 2 in negro spirituals....

"Holy Night " she is 65 five years old here.... Imagine her at 40.....

I apologize for being in love....This woman is amazing....


Name a voice, male or female, that can move the heart more with this Schubert "ave maria" ?

Note with how much care and attention Stokowsky trailed her....

Some geniuses are too great to be known or well known: Ramanujan, Tesla, Scriabin, Marian Anderson, etc

They are almost without peers in the past and even even in the future to come.....

Archimedes is on the level of Ramanujan not more than that except Gauss and Riemann...

Prometheus, Archimedes, Vinci, Paired good with Tesla,

Bach and Monteverdi great creators of new sounds and worlds pair well with Scriabin who create atonality without boring formulas like Shoenberg and transform the piano playing on a cosmic level....


I love her and and she is a Christian gem.
That said here is a more moving outing on just a human level .
I have a Jussi Bjorling Ava Maria that is better yet , but is not on You Tube.

I lack you mind but I do know that Italians are bound to Mary and Americans in general are not other than devout
Catholics .
A  female Catholic rendition .

I apologize to Jussi Bjorling for sure, one of the greatest singer that ever been...

He will excuse me to put a woman first....

I think all of Eva Cassidy's music was released after her untimely passing. I sometimes wonder if she would have been a contestant on "The Voice" if it had existed back then.

I agree with Eva Cassidy. Her first two disks including my favorite - Live at Blues Alley - were released before her death at the end of 1996. Some of her most recent posthumous discs have not been so great.

I would also suggest Leonard Cohen.
Since today is LvB 250 th Birthday it is only right to play some of his work seldom heard .

Beethoven respected Schubert , I think he would like to hear some of his his music sung by the greatest tenor in at least the last 150 years !

mahgister, I will grant that Callas is a matter of taste , but stand fast that Pavarotti is above Anderson in voice.
I never doubted she was a better person than either , but that is up to God .

This is one of the best recording's ever made .Jussi and his Met buddy .
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What the big guy can do to souls that have never heard the Western Worlds greatest gift to all the world !
And  God's greatest gift to us, save his son .