Name 3 songs where audio quality and song quality completely align

Lately I’ve found myself alternating between music I love (but sounds mediocre) and music I don’t know well or only like (but sounds incredible).

Occasionally, I stumble across a track where the song could both serve as a great show off piece for my gear and I love the music.

If you can, name up to 3 songs where the audio and song quality take you over the moon with pleasure.


Waterloo Sunset - Kinks. Terrific song, well produced with a wide, deep sound stage. Great tune to demo system. 

I agree with the early Pink Floyd comments in all regards.

Maybe not the audience here...but I just bought Nevermind on Vinyl new pressing.  It's front to back stellar SQ and songwriting.

And finally, going Bowie.  The level of detail he put into his art I chlenge you to name a poorly produced / mixed album.  Blackstar is an under the radar statement piece.  Put that on a high end system with lights off and a candle.


An album that I always take when I'm auditioning equipment is "Another Lifetime" by Simon Phillips.  It's well written, well played, very well recorded and it's my favorite kind of music.