Name 3 songs where audio quality and song quality completely align

Lately I’ve found myself alternating between music I love (but sounds mediocre) and music I don’t know well or only like (but sounds incredible).

Occasionally, I stumble across a track where the song could both serve as a great show off piece for my gear and I love the music.

If you can, name up to 3 songs where the audio and song quality take you over the moon with pleasure.


So many, but here are a few good as test tracks also.


Big Daddy Wilson - If you were mine 

Janice Ian - Breaking Silence 

Vanessa Fernandez - Here but I'm gone






Freedy Johnston - Evi’s Tears

Dire Straits - Planet Of New Orleans

Ryan Adams - La Cienega Smiles

Bruce Cockburn - Kit Carson from Nothing But A Burning Light

Norah Jones - I’ve Go To See You Again from Come Fly Away

Emmylou & Linda - For A Dancer from Western Wall: The Tucson Sessions

+1 on L & M - Pathway To Glory from Full Sail !

@mrmb "It is as impossible to pick just 3-tracks, as it is meaningless to try. "

I’m not asking you to rank them. Just to name 3.

Others have not found it impossible. They have not found it meaningless. 

If I asked you to name three fruits, I bet you could do it.

It’s really that easy.

Perhaps have a drink first so you can relax into it. ;-)