Name 3 classic mini-monitors worth keeping- Why?

Anyone can name any 3 classic moni-monitors which worth keeping? and why?

I heard the ProAc Super Tablette's years ago and fell in love, so no doubt the later Tablette 50 sig's are awesome too!

Rogers LS3/5a's

Celestion  SL6

No one does it like the Brits when it comes to 2 way bookshelf speakers.  ProAc, Epos, Spendor, KEF, Mordaunt Short, Castle, Monitor Audio, Wharfedale, Mission, B&W all have a place at the table, IMHO. 
MAGICO Mini 2s because they sound wonderful.
Spendor SA1 from 2009.  Fantastic tonal speaker, sealed-box (acoustic suspension) so usable in applications where the much more widely used base reflex ported speaker would be problematic (e.g., close to walls or in cabinet, among others).
Technics SB C700 monitor, Diapason Adamantes, Omega RS8, Tekton IM, Norh 9.0 marble Speakers...I own all of them, I still have them, Alnico Omega as well...
This is a very loaded question what constitutes classic? Currently in production or not?

If Classic means greater than 10 years or older:

Spica TC 50
Celestiion SL 600 and 700
Harbeths most smaller models
Proac Tablette and Response monitors
Monitor Audio Studio 10
Kef Ref 201.2 
B&W 805 

Dave and Troy
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