Name 3 classic mini-monitors worth keeping- Why?

Anyone can name any 3 classic moni-monitors which worth keeping? and why?

I agree, the PSB Alphas are pretty amazing for such a humble speaker. An outstanding value.
I'll second the Proac Tablette 50 sig's. Love mine!
I heard the ProAc Super Tablette's years ago and fell in love, so no doubt the later Tablette 50 sig's are awesome too!

Rogers LS3/5a's

Celestion  SL6

No one does it like the Brits when it comes to 2 way bookshelf speakers.  ProAc, Epos, Spendor, KEF, Mordaunt Short, Castle, Monitor Audio, Wharfedale, Mission, B&W all have a place at the table, IMHO. 
MAGICO Mini 2s because they sound wonderful.
Spendor SA1 from 2009.  Fantastic tonal speaker, sealed-box (acoustic suspension) so usable in applications where the much more widely used base reflex ported speaker would be problematic (e.g., close to walls or in cabinet, among others).