Name 3 classic mini-monitors worth keeping- Why?

Anyone can name any 3 classic moni-monitors which worth keeping? and why?

ADS 2002P powered bookshelf speakers - still going after 25 years
I don't know if this quite qualifies as a classic, but I will nominate the discontinued ProAc Tablette 50 Signature. I own a pair of these tiny gems, and if fed with a good upstream signal they sing loud and gloriously. For such little speakers they exude a very large soundstage and presence. If I ever do decide to upgrade, it'll be to the soon to be classis ProAc Response one SC. Oh, and yes, I think the ADS 2002s were pretty darn cool in their day. It would be neat to have a pair of those.
Paradigm Studio 20 an excellent budget speaker. Fairly hard to top in that price range
I hear (and thinking of buying) Tylo speakers are great products. I've been talking to Ty and he is a great guy to work with...honest and helpful. I hope his speakers are as good as I hear people say they are.
Alon Petites. Because they sound great!!!!
Roy Allison (forgot model name!!!!). Also sound great and were a great price.
I don't have a third, yet.
I've got to mention the B&W Silver Signatures. Awesome.
1. PSB Alpha A/V, where else can you get that much sound for so little money?

2. Rogers LS3/5A (or equivalent), lots of high quality fans for 30 years.

3. Harbeth Compact 7ES-II, not really a mini-monitor, but so good, I don't see mine ever leaving me.

Celestion SL6si. These little speakers are still sounding great after many years of enjoyment. I gave my son the choice of the Celestion's or a pair of Spica 50, he chose the SL6si because of the balanced sound. My son summed it up best, the Spica's sounded good on some music, but the Celestions sounded great no matter the type of music.
Don't forget the Spicas. Such great little speakers for the time. And Fried Beta.
I agree, the PSB Alphas are pretty amazing for such a humble speaker. An outstanding value.
I'll second the Proac Tablette 50 sig's. Love mine!