Name 1 Cable in your system you could not live w/o

In other words , you currently own it , and it would be the last one you would consider ever selling. Im my case , In my system, I would say My Ridge Street going from my CDP to Pre. Feel free to nominate a power cord if you feel stongly about it. Of course synergy plays a stong part, but what the heck, its a fun question , Thanks.
Actually, I do have a strong power cord nomination to start off with - Nordost Vishnu power cords on my Quicksilver Horn Monos (using KT88s in this case.) This combination yields great speed, detail and tight bass from 25w per side.
Foundation Research LC-1 and LC-2 power cables. (actually the LC's are dedicated in-line passive line conditioners with their own built-in power cable at one per component).

The old versions were the best according to Marty DeWulf in his August, 2003 issue of Bound for Sound.

The new versions are multiples better than the old.

I wouldn't trade my complete set of Sonoran Plateau interconnects (digital, interconnects, speaker, and power cords) for anything. The reason is simple, ten years ago I was upgrading my system. I purchased a Theta Data Basic and Gen. III, a Krell KRC-3 pre-amp and KSA-50S amp, along with Dunlavy SC-IV's. I auditioned every cable that I could get my hands on, and ended up with Magnan Type Vi balanced interconnects and Synergistic Research power cords.

The speaker cable selection was driving me crazy, UNTIL! There's a song by David and David, track 3 on their CD and there's an instrument playing in the left channel. I couldn't tell what it was 10 years ago, until I discovered silver wire. The Audioquest Sterling bi-wire speaker cables ($2000.00) were 50% silver- 50% copper, and they were quick. I bought them over every other speaker cable I auditioned because for the first time, I could distinguish it as a guitar. For the last ten years I heard my 'guitar' on my $24,000 stereo.

Last summer I got the itch again to upgrade, and started on the digital end. I purchased a used Conrad-Johnson D/A-3 DAC and the Stereovox HDXV digital cable. I bought an Acoustic Zen Silver Reference II single-ended interconnect because the c-j wasn't balanced. I called The Cable Company and had a zillion other balanced cables sent for the Krell to Krell connection. I wasn't satisfied with any of them and looked up an old friend who used to be a salesman at Ovation to see what he thought.

He is now in business for himself installing home theaters, and he said that he's carrying the AudioPoint, Sistrum, Sonoran and Harmonic Technology lines. I'd never heard of them other than the AudioPoints, I have everything spiked with them. He told me the Sonoran cables were awesome, but I was skeptical since "Stereophile" never reviewed them.

He brought them over one night and hooked them up. As soon a I played that David and David song with the Sonoran wires, BAM!, it was a synthesizer, clear as a bell. These little $500.00 interconnects laid everything wide open. And I bought them, the complete set, dumping the $1000.00 to $2000.00 wires.

Whatever it is about them, the shieldng or I don't know. I just know that they sounded fanatastic, the detail, the soundstage, the dynamics. I've since replaced all of my components with a Musical Fidelity A308cr pre-amp and amp, and Tri-Vista DAC, Theta Data Basic II, and B&W Silver Signatures. The synergy is still there!
Verastarr Silver Reference IC. Absolutely perfect in every system I've tried.
In my case, it would be the Audience AU24 speaker cables. I compared them at length with the Acoustic Zen biwired Hologram II and more recently the Ridge Street Audio Poiema and for my taste they are the clear winner. They deliver the most real and natural sound while never surrendering its liveliness.

While I've noticed big differences when comparing other cables such as interconnects, digital cables and power cords, the AU24 really stand out.

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My DIY silver foil speaker cables. Because I made them myself, I'm very partial to them. More importantly, in joining in the group buy on AA I got to "meet" (via email) John Chapman of Bent Audio - what a nice guy.

They sound fine.

It's got to be the TG Audio SLVR power cord for my
Audio Aero Cap MKI.It is likely because I haven't found anything else yet. But I have tried sooooo many that I have nearly given up.
I'm with Gunbei- My Audience AU-24 speaker cables AND interconnects.
One cable in my system that I could not live without?

The cable that runs from the breaker box to the power outlet.

Without it, the system sounds lifeless. I don't know why ;-)
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Keep your cable nominations coming. its interesting in a Readers Digest sort of way, to hear what cables work for the Agoners ! THX
I'm with Rex, but I'd add, take away pretty much any one of my power cables in my one-source system, and it sounds pretty lifeless as well.

Absolutely on the AU24's too- wonderful wire!

Lindsey-Geyer Balanced interconnects.

Power cords to my Krells:
Pure Note Sigma.

Speaker cables:
I am about to try XLO reference. I just bought three biwire runs. I will try them up against my Krell Path (that I have been using for a dozen years. Whichever wins, will be what I will probably live with for the next ten years.

XLO Limited Edition balanced IC's which have been cooked
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Cable TV!
Like my Pure Note Ceruleans system wide. Unless I want to spend 5 times the price of these I will keep them.
The wire I bind my girlfriend with, heheh...
Omega Mikro Ebony - I use it as a phono cable and it would take a lot to cause to trade it out. When we first pulled it out after an initial audition, I thought my wife was going to cry if I didn't get it back into the system. The detail, dynamics and utter realism of this cable is astounding.
XLO Signature Shotgun speaker cable, a heavenly match in my system to be sure.