Nakamichi TX-1000 turntable

Hello everyone!

Is ANYONE familiar with the NAKAMICHI TX-1000 TURNTABLE? ANY input would be VERY MUCH appreciated!

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I used to sell them in the late 80's. It had a very unusual mechanism....if I remember correctly, is would move the platter to center the record. I think it had a glass platter that could be automatically manipulated. I think the idea was that most records are punched off center, etc. I'm a little fuzzy on the particulars. It was well made and decent sounding. At the time for about the same money, SOTA's and Linn Sondek's outperformed it and were more popular. Might be interesting to own as a second table.
I have a problem with my turntable (NAKAMICHI TX 1000). I have contacted Nakamichi repair in Italy but they have not spare parts. I need a SPINDLE MOTOR.

Otherwise it is not possible for it to run. Because I don’t want to throw away a so important peace of my HI-FI system, will you, please, advise me how to find this peace.

I hope to recive your attention as soon as possible.

In the meantime I send you my best regards.

can you sell your nakamichi tx-1000?
Bonao48. Have one if you are interested. Pls email me privately