Nakamichi TX-1000 Platter

I need some help, please...Can anyone tell me what/how the mirror finish was achieved on the Nakamichi TX-1000 glass would appear to be something a little more robust than a top surface mirror. Any help would be appreciated - especially help which points me in the direction of someone who can re-coat it!


It's just a mirror. You can cut another piece of mirror and replace the old one or better yet, pop the spindle out from the brass part (it comes off easilly)and get a better sounding mat for the tt.

What happened to your glass mat?
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Thanks for the a couple of places, the mirror finish has rubbed's a cosmetic issue, really. I have taken the platter to a mirror silvering shop and they were unable to help. A normal mirror finish is applied to the underside of the glass, with an opaque, protective backing applied. Left to the 'elements', the mirror silvering would a) tarnish very quickly and b) rub off to the touch.

This left me concluding that the effect was a top surface mirror. However, I have sent the platter to the only (?) place in the UK which provides top surface mirrors, to be told that the process employed by Nakamichi is NOT a top surface mirror, and that the finish was - somehow - blasted onto the glass...they have struggled to remove any of it. I find it hard to believe that, despite 25 years of technological progress, the platter is defying explanation!

I would like to get it sorted, even though I am enjoying the sound of a stainless steel mat much more, and the centre search works fine with it!


FWIW, depending on the grade of stainless steel, if you can it milled or ground flat to a flat, fine finish, it can subsequently be buffed to a mirror finish similar to chrome.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could combine the look that you like with the sound that you like, too?

regards and hth, jonathan carr
What mat are you using? Did you pop up th glass mat and install the new mat on the spindle or put the new mat on top of the glass mat?

I am using a Boston Mat1 on top of the glass but I am wondering if I should pop the glass off the spindle and install the new mat on the spindle.

BTW, What kind of mat are you using?

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I have removed the glass platter totally - it is currently with the top surface mirror company! The sound of the stainless steel mat is superior to that of the original platter, and it adds extra mass as well...FYI, it is the stainless steel mat from a Kenwood L-07D and it does look rather good!

I guess that I am after getting the original offering back to original condition, although I doubt that it will be used again! (bit of a 'collector' thing, I'm afraid! :-) ). IF you decide to remove the original glass mat, you will need to glue the spindle to the new mat (sorry if you have already concluded this!), otherwise it will move with tight-fitting spindle holes on LPs and could shift around, thus diminishing the accuracy of the centre search facility. Having said that, making the change (with the above in mind) has in no way diminished the efficacy of the facility.

Jonathan - I like the idea of the polished metal finish - perhaps that would be the ideal compromise! I should also have access to a bronze mat soon, so I'll give that a go as well.

I've heard good things about the Funk Firm mat as well...have you any suggestions?

Thanks for taking the time to help...

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Thanks! I will remove the glass mat and glue my other mat to the spindle.

Yes, the Funk mat is a great mat but the Boston is IMO a better sounding mat. I did an AB before settling for the Boston. Where can I get a bronze mat?


Hi John,

So long as the spindle is secure, change away - you can always replace the glass platter, should you decide to sell etc. the Nak (unlikely! :-) ). Thanks for the advice on the Funk mat - you've probably just saved my $100!

Bronze mat - you could get hold of one from Vantage Audio in the UK...or...there is a dealer in Hong Kong who has a couple of Micro Seiki gun metal mats...very nice indeed (check out for the location/address of the shop).

Let me know how you get on...(

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