Nakamichi ST7- Are these amps close to Threshold?

WEondering if 80's vintage Nak Stasis amp got anywhere near to the sound quality of same vintage Threshold amps.Anybody remember these and know the differences?
As I remember the build quality on these was problematic...fwiw.
The ST7 is a tuner...the PA7 is the amp...there is a PA7 series 2 also although I have heard the original is better...
I remember the Threshold product as superior, but they had a much larger range of amps, only the bottom end of which was close to the Nak product pricewise. I owned the cheapest Threshold, and was happy with my choice, though it would be unfair to say that the Nak wasn't "anywhere near to the sound quality of" the Threshold.
I've never messed around with the Nak amps that made use of the Stasis circuitry. I have heard from others that were familiar with both that the Nak version was a complete disaster in terms of both sonics and reliability. I specifically remember one person telling me "it is amazing how one company can take such a good design from another company and make it sound soooo bad". Take this for what it's worth, as i'm sure that others may have different opinions. I'm simply passing on what i've been told. Sean
Used to own a used PA-7, and I dispute the question of quality and reliability. When I bought it, it was about 11 years old, and although it was not really cosmetically clean, it delivered, for its price, a quite decent sound quality with lots of slam in conjuction with the proper power cord. It had huge fins, two large block handles and in no way was it unpleasant to see. I sold mine as a trade for about $850, and eventhough I have got better or more expensive amps now, a monoblock BLUE CIRCLE BC-2, a McCormack DNA 225 and an SET TUBE amp, and until recently a SONIC FRONTIERS POWER 2, in no way, I can solidly say that an used PA-7 was inferior in quality. Perhaps the only are that it was lacking was when driving very difficult loads...but with 200w+ per channel, it would definetly suffice to drive a wide range of speakers. What amp retains almost 50% of its value after 12-14 years of it introduction? MSRP for PA7= $1895, used price around $750-900.