Nakamichi SR versus TA

I have an SR-4A as my main receiver and an SR-3A as my upstairs receiver. My SR-4A appears to have better significant stats than later non-Stasis Nakamichi receivers.

The TA-4A has a higher power rating than the SR-4A and a more complete remote.

My SRs are rock solid. I've read that for the TAs, Nakamichi moved manufacture out of Japan and therefore they are not as solid as SRs.

I've been very happy with my SRs but wondering if it may be worth picking up a TA-4A if one becomes available.
I have extensive experience with these receivers Having owned all of them at one time or another. Still have an SR-3A. I compared an SR4A directly with a TA4A and ended up preferering the SR. It is more detailed and open with a more refined and nuanced sound. The TA has more powerful bass and is a little more dynamic. I personally would not replace an SR with a TA but a lot would depend on the rest of your gear and your listening preferences. They are both insanely great sounding pieces and are sonically superior to many more expensive seperates and trendy integrated amps.
Thank you.

I have been very happy with my SRs. My main system is an SR-4A, Adcom GCD700 and Wharfedale 70th Anniversary speakers. My upstairs system is an SR-3A (which displaced a long loved Rotel RX550), Adcom GCD700 (I like the Adcom 700s), and Boston Acoustic HD9s.

I listen mostly to classical and jazz - rock once in a while.
I just had a TA-4A stolen from my storage unit. My newer Denon does'nt sound as good and now I would like to replace my old Nakamichi. Where was the TA-4A in there line at the time ? Is there a higher end model from that era. (intergrated unit) ?
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I love my SR-4A but miss the remote; it got stolen. I cannot find a working code on universal remotes and factory cannot supply a replacement. Can any one help or provide guidance? Thanks
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I have an SR 3A and a TA 2A. I have found the SA to be more solidly built and less vulnerable to (inadvertant!)jarring and bumping.
My first SR4A started occasionally loosing a channel. So I installed the TA4A I had bought a couple of years ago as back-up.

Right now I am running an SR4A on my main system and the TA4A on my third floor system. I've had both the TA and an SR patched into the same system.

The TA does seem to have more bass though (agreeing with infinitebaffle) I think the SR has a more nuanced sound.
Anyone have an owners manual for a Nakamichi SR-4A? I was using it to run my Magnepan SMGc speakers but at 4ohm I decided to use a bigger amp. Bought a B&K 1400ii and connected to SR-4A via pre-outs but I get no volume control. Just full volume from B&K with no Nak control.
Another major difference between the SR and TA a lines is that the TA added "Pre-Out" and "Main-In" jacks on the back. They came with jumpers that can be removed and allow for introducing a signal processor or using these receivers for either their pre-amp or power amp sections. I can attest to the comments about the TA's that were made in China has inferior solder joints that fail over time and result in a channel dropping out or popping... that is what killed mine after some 25 years and for some reason shops do not seem to be able to trace the cause as I had it 'repaired' twice yet it still demonstrates the problem.
Did both have MC Phono stage? I believe Nakamichi made great phono stages. The one on my Receiver 2 is excellent. Recently someone advised me to compare the Stasis design to the HTA design.
Has anyone compared the Stasis amps to the Harmonic Time Alignments?