Nakamichi RX-505 and some nice tapes for it

According to the prices for Nakamichi decks and cassette tapes I feel like it's not the best time to buy any of them, I feel like I missed the train, but I wish to have this model in my collection. And I want it so bad ... 

I remember my Maxell, Fuji, Sony, TDK cassettes used in the 90's, but once you gave them to you girlfriend they are gone. 

My Pioneer cassette deck was removed from my rack probably in 2006 and never used since that day. I recorded mixtapes from vinyl since mid 90's. Earlier in high-school I recorded something from CDs when it was an exotic format here, also made cassette to cassette copies. 

I never thought I will even think about this format again, but I think it would be nice to have Nakamichi RX-505 (I really like this particular model only, except for Dragon which is great, but too expensive today). 

I know it's the same transport in RX-505, don't know what's the difference between Nak 505 and 505E ? 

Purchased some sealed NOS Maxell XLII 90 and 100 min for about $5 each last week, it was an impulse, haha  

Some metal position tapes are very expensive on ebay (sometimes $50-100 each). 

Those open reel TEAK tapes goes for crazy prices just because it looks cool ? 

If someone could help me with decent cassette tapes please drop below model numbers and brands. 

P.S. No, I don't use digital, strictly vinyl, but I want cassette tapes and Nakamichi RX-505 for fun. 


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A few considerations when recording.
Take the signal directly off the phono stage. Usually there is more than enough gain.
Turn the volume of the system way down - you want as little external vibration as possible.
Isolate deck with some cones or pads or whatever, just as you isolate turntable. What works with table should work with deck too in my experience.
Clean the heads, the tape path and pinch rollers, of course. 99% alcohol is too aggressive for pinch rollers but fine for the heads and tape path. I would take 75% for rollers. Well, I use 99% for everything but I have some experience with how to apply it without dissolving the rollers.
I clean everything before each recording and after 10-15 hours of play.
I also use LAST Factory tape head preservative and apply it before playing each cassette. It takes only a few seconds and it works great. I have thousands upon thousands of hours of play on my 682ZX and there is virtually no head wear. Confirmed by Willy.
I really like tape. Actually thinking of getting reel to reel deck in a few years. Studer is too expensive for me. I'll get Otari two track. Otari will also play four track tapes.
Oh, forgot to mention interconnect cables. They are very important both for the recording and the reproduction. I currently use Wywires Diamond for both. Step down for me would be Purist Neptune. Wywires Platinum is excellent too, better for reproduction than recording in my system. Purist is equal for both, maybe very slightly better for the recording.
They say vintage analogue sources are less particular about cables. Yes and no. If you want the best sound there is no way around it.
Thanks @inna 

Those “recording” Nakamichi decks are more expensive and doesn’t have a “wow” design factor :( 

Recarding tapes it’s interesting, there are Sony Metal Master white ceramic type IV reference tapes, it must be good too? 

I’m buying cassette tapes now, then I hope to find a perfect Nak RX-505 for a fair price. If anyone can help please message me on audiogon. 

Probably I’m crazy if I’m thinking about cassette deck in 2021 :)) But some sellers are even more crazy than me asking insane prices for Nakamichi decks. 

Looking at the old posts from 2005-2010 on various forums I see some nice prices for Nakamichi, even for Dragon :)) 

Well, twenty years ago I bought my Nak for about $450 in near new condition. It should cost two-three times more now. That would be fair price. There are fewer of them and more people become interested.
RX-500 in excellent condition should probably be around $1k or so. I tried Sony top tape years ago and was not impressed. Might be different with some other decks. I tried everything, including top Denon and couple of others. With my deck Maxell Vertex is untouchable. By far.
chakster, in your location i would check for one of the top Sony's also. 777es, 7es, 990es (555es), all fine quiet mechanisms, full calibration, auto functions, durable heads but no reverse and no red displays.
Metal Master was the best metal tape manufactured but rather expensive and heavy and came in metal box.
I regret selling my 990es back in the late 90's.