Nakamichi RX-505 and some nice tapes for it

According to the prices for Nakamichi decks and cassette tapes I feel like it's not the best time to buy any of them, I feel like I missed the train, but I wish to have this model in my collection. And I want it so bad ... 

I remember my Maxell, Fuji, Sony, TDK cassettes used in the 90's, but once you gave them to you girlfriend they are gone. 

My Pioneer cassette deck was removed from my rack probably in 2006 and never used since that day. I recorded mixtapes from vinyl since mid 90's. Earlier in high-school I recorded something from CDs when it was an exotic format here, also made cassette to cassette copies. 

I never thought I will even think about this format again, but I think it would be nice to have Nakamichi RX-505 (I really like this particular model only, except for Dragon which is great, but too expensive today). 

I know it's the same transport in RX-505, don't know what's the difference between Nak 505 and 505E ? 

Purchased some sealed NOS Maxell XLII 90 and 100 min for about $5 each last week, it was an impulse, haha  

Some metal position tapes are very expensive on ebay (sometimes $50-100 each). 

Those open reel TEAK tapes goes for crazy prices just because it looks cool ? 

If someone could help me with decent cassette tapes please drop below model numbers and brands. 

P.S. No, I don't use digital, strictly vinyl, but I want cassette tapes and Nakamichi RX-505 for fun. 


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Still have my TD 700
Still have my CR 1A
Still have my TD 700

Are you using it?
I used to have some of those Teac Open reel cassettes, they were
ok, neat to look at though.

Like inna said,  Maxell XLII-S & MX-S are the best, the TDK SA-X
& Sony UX-Pro are real nice also. I still have a bunch with music
on them. Still all fine from the 80s & 90s.
After all these years, I'm actually thinking about selling my Nakamichi RX-505. It was serviced a few years ago by Willy Hermann. It will go with a couple hundred 60's and 70's commercially-made cassettes. I have always loved the cassette format but just don't find the time to enjoy it like I have in the past. I still have five CD/DVD players and have recently acquired a higher end turntable. I simply can't find the time to do justice to all the available formats. After I finally sell it, I'm sure I'll regret it.
What is the price for service at Willy Hermann or some other specialist?