Nakamichi PA-7 KEEPER??

OK I need a little help.....I have come across a Nakamichi PA-7 power amp that was a one owner and is in great shape, sounds it a keeper?

I currently have a 200w per Rotel power amp that I am not at all unsatisfied with running with a Rotel Pre , but , is the Nak a lot better amp??.....looks like its a high $$ unit and somewhat rare.

the reading I have done talks it up as a near class A amp , but the internet has more opinions than I need and you never know who's giving them. At least asking here I know I am getting good info.......any help will be appreciated

These Nak amps were billed as "Stasis" designs, licensed
through Threshold, when Nelson Pass was still at Threshold.
I believe Threshold sued Nakamichi because they tried to cut corners on the "Stasis" design.
I do think the Series II PA-7 & PA-5 amps look pretty cool, but that's about all.
If you want an amp with a Nelson Pass design backround, try an Adcom 5500. These amps are way underrated on the used market, and they sound very good for $500.00-$600.00 used, IMO.
thanks for the info.......

I have the Adcom 2535 , and it sounds very nice , but I am a little more prone still to my Rotel , maybe because it matches up better with the Rotal Pre ?? ....and also because my Rotel is much more powerful.

this Nak just has my curiosity up because of its extreme hefty weight, size, and this "near A class" opinions I keep reading about.
We used to sell the Nak gear years ago. If the price was right, I'd buy one in a second. Really good amp for the money IMO.
Buy a Threshold those Naks are great for the money but for another $800.00 you can have real real amp that will sound much better than the Nak or the Rotel. Here is a link for a decent deal on a Threshold here on audiogone. If that is too much money the second link is a great deal and for sure will sound better than the Nak, Adcom, Rotel and any other MidFi amp.
bairdz. This has no relevance here but you made mention in an ad that you might have some b and o cartridge adapters in inventory. If so would you be kind enough to contact me at
I had a Forte' 55 that sounded amazing, but I was always concerned about the age thing (built in maybe 1997) wasn't expensive and I sold it for nearly twice what I bought it for, but that sort of worry can be bothersome. Upgrades can be costly, replacing leaky caps...meh...I bought a new tube amp to replace it so it was a different direction, but the warranty on new stuff does add to my peace of mind. Pass had something to do with certain Adcom amps and my experience of owning a few of these is that they can be workhorse amps that sound pretty damn good. I use one for outdoor speakers now.
I have an opportunity to buy one of these now… thought I'd bump this up. WOuld love to hear anyone else's opinions.
You won't go wrong buying a used Nakamichi PA-7. It shouldn't be too expensive considering the age. Buy it. A few years from now, you'll be thanking me on this forum.
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