Nakamichi OMS7 vs Rotel RCD1072 ?

The Nak I have, the Rotel I'm thinking about...what do you think ? I also have an Adcom GCD575, which to my ears the OMS7 beats...I do like the variable output of the 575 though...
Not familiar with that NAK model you mentioned but did a quick internet search and this unit has not been produced for a long time. I did own a NAK CD4 a few years ago purchased used and I did love it. Sound was excellent but Nakamichi is out of the CD player business for some time now. Great name and products when they were a legit high end audio component manufacturer.

I've owned my Rotel RCD-1072 now for about 4 years and as many times as I think about trading up, I simply can not justify it. It sounds so darn good. Many folks on this forum and in other audio chat rooms have stated that in order to realize true improvement from a 1072, you would need to spend at least $1K. It's such a great machine. You can not go wrong with this unit and they hold their resale value relatively well. Are you looking at a preowned unit?

the adcom and nak are 80s era pieces--digital technology has advanced quite a bit since then. i believe that more current players like the rotel will have better frequency response, more detail, etc. i've owned the adcom--as a standalone unit it was only fair, but it worked well as a transport w/ an external (musical fidelity) dac--because of the varible out i connected directly to the power amp, with good results. that said, before buying a new cdp, i'd get a dac (such as the aforementioned musical fidelity or cambridge dacmagic) and try it with the adcom (i don't recall if your nak has a digital out).
I don't think the Nak does...unconnected after I A/B'd it with the 575, and found the Nak better (things I never heard b4) sounding...