Nakamichi? Can the amp be turned on with.........

PA7 amp, ST7 tuner and CA7a preamp with remote and Nakamichi spc1 power strip. Can the remote turn on everything or does the amp have to be turned on manually?
If memory serves, the On/Off button is mechanical so if you plug it into a switched outlet that can handle the amperage and as long as you have left the power switch in the on position you should be good to go.
Will this put the amp in any danger to operate it this way? Is there a better $800 dollar amp that I should consider before I buy this tomorrow? Thanks!
No harm to the amp. The amp will go through it's normal turn on cycle.

There are lots of better amps as well as lots of worse amps out there for $800. I don't have the slightest clue because I don't know what you plan to hook them up to. Does the $800 include the preamp and tuner?
Just the amp. I think I will pass on the Nak. I have a pair of Kef 104/2 speakers. Maybe a Bryston 3bst?
I agree. IMO, The bryston will do a better job with the KEF's in almost all areas.