Nakamichi CA 7A or Tube Conrad Johnson HV 6?

For power, I've got a Nakamichi PA7AII 225 watts/channel. I'm looking for a "new" used preamp and am thinking about the above two choises for now. Would the Conrad Johnson tube preamp be a good mix and match? I'm particularly interested in the phono stage.


My initial impulse would be to go with the PV6, just because I've always liked to mate tube pres with SS amps. However, be aware that the PV6 has quite a bit of gain (28.5 db line and 38 phono). Depending on how sensitive your speakers are, this might not give you much useful range on the volume.

Beyond that, I can't really advise as I've never heard any of the pieces you have/are looking at.

I do have a CJ PV-8 and I really enjoy its sound!

Thanks for your response. I'm not sure how sensitive my speakers are. I've got old 1980's Linear Dynamics speakers w/ 12" paper woofers, paper midranges and twin tweeters. I suspect they have high resistance -- it takes the full 225 watts to fill them out -- but I've never had a problem with volume. I'm running my amp through a Nakamichi TA4A receiver for now -- and there are no volume issues (I should compare the CJ gain wtih the receiver). I'm looking for great soundstage and spearation.