Nakamichi CA-7 preamp

Has anyone had any experience with this model. I am currently bidding on one to use with my PA-7 and I can't seem to find any reviews on it. I don't even know what it's really worth. Help
Ed, This is not a bad pre-amp, used they can go for about $800. It's class A throughout and sounds best with an after market power cord. I got great results with a Synergistic Master coupler. I had Musical Concepts modify mine with black-gate caps. I don't use vinyl but it has a pretty versatile built in phono section. I believe this has always been an underated unit. Like you, I've never seen reviews on the CA-7 or PA-7. If you're on a tight budget I don't think you can go wrong. I also had good luck with Audioquest Lapis and Diamond interconnects. Hope this helps. hifigy [email protected]
Ed, I bought one of the CA-5 preamps new in 1985. This was at the time Nakamichi was receiving technical advice from Nelson Pass at Threshold. It's pretty decent pre-amp for it's price back then, about $520 street price. The CA-7 is a much better pre-amp. The Nakamich PA-7 amp was pretty decent for its time also.
Oh, forgot to say that this is still my main pre-amp and never had a problem with it. Although I will upgrade this in the next year.