Nakamichi 682ZX vs ZX-9

Who compared the two directly in one system? Both well-aligned, of course, with the same cables and reference tape.
I do have 682ZX but was thinking about trying ZX-9 too. I mostly use Maxell Vertex tape and it sounds really good. I like to make compilations, from records and cds.
Both decks are now quite rare.
I have a near-mint ZX-9 and really love it. Friend of mine had the 682ZX and we hooked them both up side-by-side in the same system and made comparisons....I honestly can't say there was a noticeable difference in sound. We both concluded the ZX-9 was "cooler" but that was about it. Either one will produce about as good a result with cassettes as you will get at that price point....
I have a fleet of Nakamichi decks all restored by ESL. A head to head between my ZX-9 and 682zx = I prefer the ZX-9.