Nakamichi 582 issues

I have a Nak 582 that I have had for many years. Sat in its box for 30 + years.

Took it out to see if it still worked, and everything seems to function except it will not go into playback mode. The heads try to move into postition, but then stall. I have a hard copy service manual, but boy the mechanicals on this thing are complex. Looks like there is a cam mechanism that moves the head assembly into position, but beyond that I'm stumped. Is there a simple belt drive that needs replacement?

Is this deck worth trying to fix? Does anyone listen to cassette tapes any longer?
Most Nakamichi decks are worth fixing if you want sound that is, if not more accurate, at least more pleasant than CDs. My best advice is not to try and fix it yourself but have a Nak expert go through it and make any necessary repairs. It can actually sound better than new. I recommend He has worked on my three decks and all sound great. He has the tools and experience you need. Oh, and yes, many people still listen to cassettes but be prepared to be critized if you admit it on this forum.
Thanks for your reply. I had heard of willy before, but his services are not cheap.

I guess my question would then be is that 582 worth more than the cost to R/R it?

It's not the sound quality per se of cassettes that bothers me, its the tape noise and Dolby processing. And perhaps the availability of high quality tapes. For example, I hear it is nigh impossible to get decent reel to reel tape any longer. Kind of going the way of film products
ime, Willy's prices are more reasonable than the alternatives. hard to say re: cost/benefit to repair; unless you have a large tape collection, probably not. Even then, they may have lost their sparkle over time. The 582 is ancient, and not one of the great Nak decks. you're right, new tapes are very expensive now, and metal tapes difficult to obtain at all.
I emailed Willy and his response was enlightening. He mentioned that "This series of Nakamichis which use the 'classic' transport are probably the best sounding machines Nakamichi ever built."

However, a rebuild quote of $466 puts it a bit out of the ballpark, however. The best I've seen these used for is $500-600, so its kind of break even.

I may put it up for auction on EBay at a 0$ starting bid and see where it goes. Would love to list it here on Agon but for some reason the new Agon system will not let me place an add!!!