Nakamich Service Info

I live in NJ and looking for somoene who has a good reputation with servicing Nakamichi ZX-7 tapedecks. Driving distance would be preferable, but will ship if I have to.
If you decide to ship it, Willie Herman would probably be your best bet. He's probably one of the top Nakamichi techs in the country.
In addition to Willie Herman (for my Nak Dragon) I've used Russel from New Jersey Factory Service to keep my R2R tape deck in tip top condition over the years. Good, reasonable and fast. He's in Emerson, NJ.    201-967-0060
Willie Herman is THE Nakamichi repair guru if you want to ship. But be prepared to pay.
I would agree with ALL of the above posts.
It really has to be Willie Herman.
I have owned a Hermanised 582 and now a ZX7.
However you get what you pay for and expect a bit of a wait, his reputation is earned .
Depending what it needs you are likely to be looking at $500 to $800 plus BUT that should last you a lifetime.
I have a reference Hot Tuna Acoustic Live tape recorded on TDK SA on my zx7 that is simply out of this world and should convince any naysayers on the potential of cassette tape SQ.
Good luck and welcome to the wacky world of Nak decks but you probably have the best consumer deck in your hands right now.
Soundsmith is another excellent source for Nakamichi service. As with Willie Herman, you get what you pay for and you’ll need to be patient.

I did not have a good experience with NJ Factory Service.
Thanks so much. Do you know if they they do any mods or upgrades?
How deep is your pocket?
Besides the normal run of the mill cap upgrades there is not much more  a good zx7 needs Tbh.

However check out their website for options and contact info.
ESL labs in CT if you can wait and have the funds.
Willy is also great too.
please share your experience with NJ Factory Service as I had nothing but great service on my R2R.
please share your experience with NJ Factory Service as I had nothing but great service on my R2R.
NJ Factory Service has a good reputation and I don't wish to sully it here. Over time, any business will have a few disappointed customers and I'm one of theirs. Suffice it to say I have no reason to do business with them again.
They emailed me back that they dont work on my tape deck. Looks like I'll be waiting 10 months with William. 
Couple years ago I sent my CR-7A to Willie and the repair price wasn't that bad - around $350 bucks and turn time was less than two - three weeks. Of course YMMV.

The great thing about Willie is that he has many, if not most, of the jigs and fixtures for all the alignment procedures.
Not sure where the 10 months comes from?

On a very recent thread a member had a zx7 turned round by Willie in about 6 weeks.
Willy tuned up my BX-300 and did a stellar job. Lucky for me, I can drive to his house in 20 mins.

I used ESL in CT for my ZX-7 - full rebuild.  8 months and $2100 later.....

Contact with tech following OK for rebuild was beyond terrible.