Nakamich RX-505 Question

I have a beautiful RX-505 that plays back perfectly. However, it won't flip the tape around. The drawer opens, the tape flips half way, and then stops and returns back to where it started. Any ideas on why this is happening? Thanks in advance.

It is the beginning of the end. My old RX 505 did that before it completely died. I got an estimate to fix it and was too much to fix, more than it is worth. You could contact Stephen Sank at he may be able to help.

Soundhouse is right about your RX-505 being on it's last legs. However, you can have it gone through by a reliable
Nak expert. His name is Willy Hermann. You can contact him at Believe me, he will have
it working and sounding better than new. By coincidence,
I'm listening to my RX-505 through my tube Stax headphones
and I can assure you that the RX-505 is worth the expense.
Willy rebuilt my CR-7A and this RX-505, and he now has my ZX-9 in for a tune-up. He'll do it right. Tell him I sent you! You won't regret it.

Willy is good. It would probably cost you at least $250 plus shipping both ways but you should ask him if you are thinking about fixing it.
I use my Nak 682ZX on almost a daily basis. I like tape.
Thanks for the responses guys. I guess I'm more interested in selling it then than fixing it. I love tape also and listen to 15 ips 2 track tapes on a professional mastering deck.

The deck is in beautiful shape and plays great, it just won't flip sides.
Hello, My RX-505 plays fine but can´t flip. It´s probably a mechanical issue, a worn gear wheel perhaps.
The sound is quite amazing, it´s much better than digital IME: my 40+ years old c-cassettes outperform modern 24 bits digital in dynamics (musicality) but have more distortion although not intrusively. Digital is still dull after 30 years, it is progressing in tremendous velocity though.
Glad to meet another Nakamichi UDAR lover.
Dear Tonykay: My 700ZXL needs a tune-up. How pricey is the work of W.Hermann? Thank you.

Regards and enjoy the music,
Sorry, Raul, but I haven't revisited this thread in a long time. You can contact Willy at Good luck. He's reasonable.
My RX-505 flips again with ease ! Maybe due to more often play nowadays. I think it simply likes to be played.

The flipper mechanism on my RX-505 got jammed recently as I left it on continuous loop and closed the cabinet door so it was unable to flip the cassette. I took it to Willy and he played with it for a minute and got it working, much to my relief. He claimed it was a simple fix. I told him he was a genius.