Nak SR vs. Luxman R-115, and Yamaha A series amps?

Is anyone able to make a comparison between the Nakamichi SR-3A/SR-4A and the Luxman R-115 receivers (especially the amps, including phono stage)? Are reliability and longevity comparable? I've actually also been told that the Yamaha integrated amps from the '80s (A series) are very good, and that they have excellent phono preamps. Anybody with experience?

Much thanks.
I've used the Luxman R117, R115 and Nakamichi SR3A with Magnepan 1.6 speakers. The Nakamichi is the sweetest sounding but underpowered for anything but polite jazz. The R115 is still underpowered for full orchestral music but faster and slightly harsher in the treble. The R117 is excellent and would probably sound best using a tube DAC and copper IC's to tame the high end. It is perfect for an inexpensive way to drive the smaller to mid sized planars especially when using the CD bypass.