Nait 5i speaker choices

Giving some thought to down-sizing my system. I'm considering an integrated and one that keeps migrating to the top of the list is the Naim Nait 5i. Looking for suggestions on speaker choices to pair one with. What's important is harmonic integrity, dynamics and PRaT. I listen to a wide range of material including jazz, classical, and rock (not much into metal or rap, but every now and then need a little of the Scorpions for the sheer fun of it!). 1K or less price tag. Suggestions....?
The "baby" Naim, Spendor 3/5, ATC 7, "baby" Harbeth.
Investigate Totem Arro - in the right room... : )

Vandersteen 1c. 1k new and much less used.

Had them for a while with the Nait 5i and CD5.
I think you'll be pleased
What Emil said -- I heard the 5i with Vandy 1c's and thought the combo sounded great.
PSB gold stratus full range and fairly sensitive will work in small room.
How large is your room? I have been pleased with my Nait 5i-2 + Totem Arros in a small study. I primarily listen to jazz/classical/vocal/instrumental music.
keep're system is better than're bored.....prat is a marketing myth.
Thanks for the suggestions folks. I've heard good things about the Arro's and that was one that was getting consideration. Keep those suggestions coming otherwise too!

Jaybo, thanks for the comments on my current system. I do like it quite a bit and get a lot of enjoyment from it, but sometimes life throws some curveballs at us that reequire us to consider different directions... :)
I think any of these speakers would be excellent choices that would work very well with your electronics.