NaimNait 5.1A vs, Music Fidelity A3.2

I'm switching from separates Spectral to an integrated system. I would like opinions between Naim Nait5.1, Naim Nait5 and the Music Fidelity A3.2.

Opinions please?
Hello I have actually has all three, of the lot I liked the Nait5i the best, the Nait5 is also quite good, the MF I found pretty uninvolving. The 5i has that Naim punch and is more open, also you can use any speaker wire you want,also has rca inputs. I use it in my "bargain" hi end system...reg planet2000/naim nait5i/B&WCM2...good little rocking system.
unless you are cramped for space, keep the spectral gear. as good as the naim stuff is, spectral seperates are for the most part in a different league.
Can you describe what you find lacking on your spectral set up? As Jay stated, Spectral separates are very different beasts then Naim integrateds. But then, may be you are simply curious about the Prat that Naim supposedly tauts.
I've had the Spectral DMC-10 Gamma for at least 12 years. Iy's a great preamp. I've sold my Threshold 350E which was an excellent match with this preaamp and my Miarge M-1's.

Great system. I have no pronlem keeping the Spectral but I need to mate with a used 2 channel amp that sound good around a $1,000. Any thoughts?
i that case the naim integrated is quite good. there is also the cyrus 6 and the revox elegance amp for around 1k....the revox integrated is my pick of the three(it actually performs like a much more expensive integrated (lots of detail,bass,etc) any case they all are capable of delivering satisfying music.