Naim x Ayre

Hi Friends,

Does anyone have experience with these two brands?

I am thinking about either of the following two systems:

Ayre C-5Xe + Preamp K-5Xe + Power V-5Xe

or Naim CD2X + Preamp NAC 282 + Hicap2 + NAPSC+ Power NAP 250.2

The speakers would be Merlin VSM MM, ProAc Response D28 or Wilson Audio Sophia2.

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Naim sounds great with Proac. I love Merlins and have a pair of the VSM, but don't know how they sound with Naim.

Hi Rodrigo,

I have not heard these speakers, only Wilson Audio Sophia 1. My impression of the Sophia's was that they were very detailed and analytical.

I own an Ayre K1x pre-amp and have heard most of the Naim items you are asking about.

I think you would find that either provides a very good listening experience. The Naim system should be slightly warmer and more romantic, the Ayre more detailed and cool (much like the Sophia's).

I would suggest that you listen for these qualitative differences if you have the opportunity. Either system should provide a great deal of enjoyment for some time.

Good luck,

I can only speak on the Wilson Matching based on listening experience. If you go Wilson get the Ayre Components as they match very well.

My Friend has the Naim CDX2 (without the XPS2)and it leaps and bounds better than the lower Naim Models.

In my experiences with Naim and Ayre definitely are different tonally so you need to listen what works best for you.
My system consists of the following combination:
Ayre C-5Xe + Preamp K-5Xe + Power V-5Xe
Wilson Audio Sophia2.

I would characterize the music as being "organic"- not mechanical, easy flowing, natural and very dynamic. These components were made for each other and give excellent value. Others who listened to my system felt the same. I listen to rock, jazz, female vocals, no classical. In my opinion you would not go wrong with this combination.
Thanks a lot for all the inputs!

Anyone has experience with Wadia 581 player linked directly to an Ayre V-1Xe or V-5Xe?


I have a total Ayre System, and Wilson Sophia 2 speakers. Everything is connected with Virtual Dynamics cables and power cords. It is absolutely divine sound, best I have ever had, or heard. I believe the Sophia 2s were designed to sound very musical as well as detailed like the Sophia 1s.....