Naim with Magnepan's???

Looking at doing a system change , I am in a small room with a nice set of Maggie 1.6's and was wondering if anyone has used Naim poweramps or one of the Nait integrateds with any success?

Naim works magic with maggies. I have a modded pair of MMGs that are being driven with naim 62 pre and 90 amp and they sound wonderful. These are classic olive pieces from early 90s. I think the amp is 45 watts into 4 ohms but they kick but on the maggies. I had 1.6s many years ago and ran them with a plinius 8200 which was a good combo but I like the naim and my MMGs better.

I ran a Nait 5i temporarily with my 1.6s in a 13 by 24 foot room. Quite surprised how well it drove them. Sounded great to a certain point. A 202/200 would be ideal
Later switched to a higher powered integrated. Much better
OK I am in a 12x14 and was thinking of a NAIT 5, I dont listen too loud but may start looking for a larger Amp. Thanks!
I'm using a NAP 140/NAC 92 with my SMG-A and they sound great...really takes live recordings to a new level...the original Nait was Ok at low volume but could not be pushed...
a wonderful combo...have a NAP 140/NAC 92 driving a pair of refreshed SMG-a...i've purchased many amps both solid state and tubes over the years and this combo just gets in right...sadly, my "amp hunt" is over but truly i've found musical bliss...