Naim Uniti Atom vinyl playback?

Hi all has anyone had experience with vinyl playback on the Naim Uniti Atom? I'm currently running a Rega TT off the CXA81. Looking to replace components to simplify the system. Record playback is very important to me however so I want to make sure this is not a step down. Thanks for any input. 
I am not sure how you would be simplifying anything here, as the Atom requires a phono stage to do vinyl playback. It appears that your Cambridge is essentially similar functionality to the Atom, and also has no phono stage, correct? Unless you are using a Rega with inbuilt phono stage, of course....

As far as capabilities and sound, only you can determine if the Atom would be a step up over your Cambridge or not. I know, not much help here....
Hi there, I have had an Atom for two years now. I use a Rega RP40 and a Pro-ject Tube DS phono preamp with it. I think it sounds good and believe it would be better than the CXA81 in over all in sound quality. However, depending on how serious you are about having an all analogue sound and your investment in records made from original master tapes there is something to then consider. The Naim Atom's RCA input is digitalized. Which means anything hooked up to it runs through its D/A converter first. This honesty does bother me knowing this. I spent good money on all analogue recorded records and don't want them to be then digitalized. In practice it actually sounds really good, but a little different than an all analogue signal to the speakers. I've had experience before the Atom with a Sugden Class A integrated and same other set up. So I can compare. Depending on your experience and speakers it really may not matter at all for you. I can live with it. It's a pleasing sound. Just get your self a good phono preamp. Also, the Naim Atom as an amplifier is just better than the Cambridge in most ways. It really is a special all round unit. 
Mezzanine thank you. This is exactly what I was looking for. I also had the same concern about the digitizing (for multi room originally). I currently am running the naim atom as an audition. It is much better than the cxa81 in my opinion. The attack is incredible. The bass is tight. The cxa sounded muddled in comparison and boomy. This is without changing anything as far as speaker placement. Truth be told I haven't played much vinyl yet but if it sounds good I'm not necessarily a purist per se. I'm just looking for great sound in a practical way. I dont often sit down for hours to listen. Its more just relaxing and cooking etc around the house. Thanks for your input.