Naim Uniti Atom - HDMI module

Anyone know if the optional hdmi module is user installable or needs to be fitted by a dealer? 

Considering one if I bought an Atom but can’t find a solid answer on it or where to get one. No local dealers to me. 

Im confident I could do it but don’t know if I can even get my hands on one or if a dealer has to do it for warranty purposes etc. 


Poorbadger we are a Naim dealer and would recommend that you order one with it installed it is not an easy installation. 

The question is why do you want one? If your desire is to listen to a TV feed an optical out from the TV would be ideal.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ Naim dealers
Thanks for the input, Troy. 

Yes, about 80% to route a TV through without the potential for syncing issues and the remainder just to keep the optical input open for other things (whatever that might be at some undetermined time in the future). 

I’m 100% comfortable with putting computers together. Photos of the circuit boards show a header right around where that module would live. I’m assuming the process is remove case, slip module in, connect header, screw module to case, replace cover. Admittedly I don’t know what is involved in opening up the case. 
The higher level Unitis come with the HDMI module - presumably for a reason. How is the optical connection more ideal than the HDMI connection? Sound Quality, latency, just not having to deal with adding the HDMI module? Sincere question. 
Poorbader don't know what you would save, if you are interested in purchasing an Atom we can give you a demo with the HDMI board if you like. 

The optical connection is ideal for TV watching as there is no issues whatever is playing on the TV outputs via the optical output from the TV.

Please PM us if you have any more specific questions

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ