Naim to McIntosh

I am considering replacing my Naim NAC 112 / HiCap with Stageline Phono with the new McIntosh C2300 pre (which has built in MM and MC phono). I am hoping to get a little more "relaxed" sound without losing the fine details out of my Thiel CS 6s. My power amp is a McCormack DNA-2 DLX which has plenty of power and my sources are an Arcam FMJ-33 and Nottingham Horizon with Benz Ace cart.

What are opinions on this matchup and of it achieveing my desired change? There are a lot of choices of good preamps at this price point but I must admit I love the look of the MAC with the tubes showing and the infamous blue meters plus it does everything unusual that I need in one box (MC phono, multiple line-outs, some tone control)
the mac and mccormick are a great combo....
I have the C2300 and recently auditioned the Naim which I thought to be very transparent but grainy. I cannot recommend the C2300 with a McIntosh power amp but with more transparent amps it should sound great.