Naim Supernait with Vienna Acoustic Beethoven Baby

Naim Supernait with Vienna Acoustic Beethoven Baby Grand Do you think that is a good match? Comments?
Assuming it has as much power as you need I would think it would work very well but have not heard them together.
My brother in law has those speakers which I have listened to a lot and like. I was considering the supernait for a while and although the wattage rating looks low they are far from that. It is a high current amp with great authority and prat. I was considering the naim for my Dynaudio C1's and the C1 efficiency is 85db vs the 91db of the baby grand. The C1's sound great with the supernait. I would think the combination you are considering would be great. The only reason I don't own a supernait is that I discovered the world of tubes which is what I now have.
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