Naim, Ruby and ? Phono: Advice Sought

I am currently using a Naim 250/52/Prefix "K". I switched to a Ruby 2 a while ago and have been having poor success; high frequeny emphasis and surface noise emphasis!!!
Talking to Naim I am told that the .35 mv output of the Ruby2 is too high for the "K" boards.
I am looking for a new phon stage that mates well with the Naim/Ruby2. I have tried the Lukaschek (P8 version) and thought it lacked rhythm. I recently heard the Monolithic unit and thought it had the pace missing in the Lukascheck but lacked the detail of the Prefix.
Anybody have any luck with other units?
sounds to me like your problem is the opposite of what naim told you. the ruby2 output is likely too low for your phono board. you might try the musical surroungs phenomena. it is very good and quite reasonably priced.
that should read: "musical surroundings phenomena."........... see: