Naim Phono Board DIY Modifications-Anyone?

Has anyone with Naim gear ever altered their phono boards, ie. placed different resistors for cartridge loading to better match there system? Anyone know of a web site where I might find out such information? I use a Naim 52 with "k" boards but I wnat to put lower value resistors to increase the loading on my Ruby2 cartridge. Has anyone tried this?
I suggest that you post this question in the Naim Forum.
Don't post this question in a Naim forum. Only answer you will get is that all Naim equipment is perfect as it is and that it would be sacriledge to modify anything on a Naim product.
Good luck!
Try this:
To save you the bother of getting the answer on the Naim forum - you may change the nature of the sound by modding the boards but relatively unlikely to improve it in a way that the majority of listeners would think superior. Still, solder away you might end up in a happier place for you . . .and if you just like tweaking why not!