Naim or Rogue?

Hello everybody,
I am in some need of help and advice here.
I am purchasing a new system and have essentially narrowed it down to two systems. Please....any guidance or help would be very helpful because right now I just cannot decide. I listen to everything from classical to heavy metal. But I would say most of my listening is indie rock/ singer songwriter type of music.
So here are the two systems:
#1 Gallo Reference III
Rogue 66 Preamp
Rogue 90 Amp
Jolida 100 CD
or Naim 5 Cd
Audioquest Jaguar interconnects/ CV-6 Dbs Speaker

#2 Gallo Reference III
Naim Nait5i
Naim CD5X (or can get just the Naim CD5 demo for 1800)
Naim Stageline Phono
Naim Cables

Any other info or advice would be appreciated too. Thanks.
As an avid listener of Singer Songwriter music, I would go with the Rogue. While I've heard both brands months appart, neither is bad. As always it's your ears. I was at a now former dealer in Fort Worth awhile back listening to several pieces of equip with a large varity of cds. I happen to bring one of my favorite cds of Hans Theesink and while listening we decided to switch from a ss amp (sorry I don't remeber which one) to a Rogue (I think the 90) and the one thing I noticed was that his voice just....well... seemed deeper and had more chest in it. I do not own a tube amp but do use a tube pre. Things are just a bit warmer with tube and I think there is more wood in accoustic guitars with tube. Good luck and happy listening.
ps: check out and if you like singer songwriter music.
Thanks for the reply.
And I will check out those sites.
Anyone else have opinions?
I wouldn't buy the Rogue 90, but that is me. Have you considered the M120's ? Not much more money
naim is extremely musical and has unequalled prat. iam unfamiliar with rogue but am certain you will enjoy naim through your speakers.
Those systems are going to give you a completely different sound. The new Naim gear is more laid back than the old olive stuff (which was very punch, very fast, exaggerated leading edges and tonally terrible). The new stuff is warmer and soundstages better. The Rogue stuff is far more sensuous with a fuller bass but not timed nearly as well as the Naim gear. The Naim cd players though can't be beat and are my favorite one box players. I have never heard your speakers so can't comment on what the whole system may sound like...Best of luck though and as always try to audition at least one piece from each manufacturer so you can get an idea of the manufacturer's flavor.