Naim Nait vs. NAD 375BEE: Soundstage

I am considering the Naim Nait and the NAD 375BEE. Both are similarly priced integrated amps with a long pedigree. Which has better spatiality and soundstage? I have Audio Physic Virgo 2's and play a lot of ambient music. I dont need to play at high volume, nor do I need to reproduce dynamics and transients. thanks!!!!
no slam on the nad, which is a very well reviewed piece, but unless i was driving speakers which need megawattage i'd opt for the naim in a heartbeat--it's a clear case of quality over quantity of power.
Agree w/ above. NAD is a fine piece but the Naim is in a different league.
Current Nait? Nait 5i or Nait XS?

Whichever current Nait it is (or any other Nait for that matter), it blows the doors off the NAD in most every way. If soundstaging and imaging are everything to you, you may find the NAD better though. The Nait's do a wall of sound, whereas the NAD does more 3D imaging.

APs in general are somewhat easy to drive. I own Yara Evolution bookshelves and love their imaging and soundstaging qualities. Naim pairs up very well IMO, but there's better if you're top priority is imaging. I chose a Bryston B60 as it has a lot of what I liked about the Nait 5i, and is more 3D sounding. Used B60s come up in your price range fairly often.

Had I not bought the B60, I'd have bought a Nait. Truth is, I was about to buy a Nait when I stumbled upon the right B60 for the right price, from the right guy. The B60 has a few more watts, but it's dual mono power supply will most likely have a better grip and control over the speakers than the Nait. That doesn't mean that the Nait is any slouch by any means.

Nait XS is a far better comparison to the B60 IMO.
Completely agree... Naim is in a different league (I have owned and currently own both Naim and NAD and I really like NAD gear).

The trademark PRaT is present in the newer Naim gear (Uniti line) and I think that the imaging has also improved... YMMV.

Bryston vs. Naim: hard choice -- don't think you can go wrong.

Scott B.
The NAD C375BEE is phenomenal and has not been reviewed properly nor utilized properly by most owners. The reason is the preamp out/main in must use a high quality interconnect. With MIT AVT 1 cables from CD to the NAD, jumper connection and for the speakers it takes on an entirely reference grade character.
The Naim is in a different league over NAD until you replace
stock jumpers with the Cardas jumpers. Then Naim goes in
the "Z" League.
Gentleman from California replaced all wires in the NAD
with the Cardas Golden Ratio wires, also the fuses and he got 90% sound quality of the Accuphase E-450.