Naim Nait, Alpha 10, or Used Separates?

I'm trying to decide between the Naim Nait, the Arcam Alpha 10, and used separates. I'm considering pairing a B&K Pre with the Power Modules Belles amp, and running the system through Tukans or old B&W Matrix'. Power is not a big consideration -- small apartment -- but sound quality is. I'm trying to spend less than $1500 on the amp/pre combo or integrated unit. Thoughts?
Hi: You had better give the NAIT a careful listen-I found them to be bright and grainy. The Arcams to which I've lsitened did not suffer those same problems but seemed underwhelming. Have you thought to try the Audio Analogue and Audio Refinement integrated amps in your range (they are the Complet and the Puccini SE, I forget which goes with which!) both have been well rated and seem to be well worth a listen. best wishes and good luck
The Naim Nait with EPOS ES12 sounds incredible, I personally have a full Naim system (SBL,82 with two Hicaps,250,CD3).& was amazed by the Nait/ES12 combo,plus you can add a flatcap or Hicap at a later date.I've heard B & W CDM1 on my electronics & didnt care for the sound(but I have heard the same speakers on tube gear & liked them)It depends what you match them up with,& for a small room its alot of bang for the buck,But as with anything everybody has an opinion& this one is mine. Just a guy who loves MUSIC
why don't you try MAjik? Especialy with Tukan's! For the money, you cannot get better sound. Listen that combination, you wont be disapointed.