Naim Nait 5i with Tetra 120u's

I am currently using the Tetra 120u's with the Blue Circle Cs and an OPPO 970 and it is a fairly satisfying set-up for the bread. I want to stay with the Tetras and am curious if the Naim would make a big difference and if there are other thoughts(under 1k for each component) perhaps about the source or cabling ( I have Zu stuff)-
Thanks in advance
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I don't know Tetras, but you will not gain much, except full remote, changing your amp. As much as I love the Nait 5i, Blue Circle makes killer gear too.
I would get a Rega Apollo for music and keep the Oppo for video.
Have you compared the Rega Apollo to the Oppo? I've not heard the 970, but I recently bought the 980H and am still in shock.

Although I've not heard the Apollo, I used to own a Planet 2000 and IMO the Oppo is better. Going from memory mind you, but my point is that IMO the Oppo can run with many decks well beyond their meager price.

Have no idea how they do it.
I have the Oppo 981 and Rega Apollo. Rega takes it, obviously on CD only.
Sorry but I am not totally in love with the Oppo. It is good for what it is, a $200 universal machine, but rather flimsey and not always reliable.
FWIW, Oppo itself says the 981 does not match up with the 970 and 980 for sound quality. not saying the 970/80 holds up against the planet, because i've never compared... but i find my 970 to be a quite satisfying -- and exceedingly reliable -- little giant.
I have a Oppo 970 and a Rega Apollo both on the same system. The Rega is clearly better soundwise. The 970 is better than they average $80 universal players but not up there with the Rega.

I second what Adam said about Oppo saying the other models are not as good as the 970. The told my co-worker that the 970 used a single audio board whereas the other used 3 boards. This, they said, made the 970 superior for sound quality.

I also have Zu ICs and speaker cables. After trying many different types (of ICs) I found the Zu's worked best between my sources and my Krell 400xi.

regards, David