Naim Nait 5i vs. Primare i21?

I'm narrowing my choice down to maybe these two. This is for my Paradigm Studio-20s. Today I listened to the Nait, a CA650A, and a Rega Mira3. The Mira didn't impress me ... seemed to struggle a bit with bigger sounds. The Cambridge 650A sounded pretty nice .. until I tried the Naim. The Naim just seemed to have better "body" and the CA seemed a little edgy in comparison. The Nait also seeemed very punchy for only 50 w/ch!

The Promare i21 is an int I've been thinking of for awhile but there is no place I can find to listen to one. Does anyone know how the sounds of these compare to each other? Which would you buy, and why?
They both seem similar in price.

I love the look of the i21 and have seen the i30 up close but, not listened to one.
Too late .... I ordered the Naim. I loved the sound. The Primare was a bit of a question mark for me and I didn't have a chance to listen to one.

Shoudl get it next week!

Congrats Rob
I never compared the 2 side by side but I would have done the same. Personally I thought the Naim was more musical where the Primare a bit dry sounding. They were 2 different places with different speakers - sources - cables - room treatments etc which is why I didn't reply.

Also give the Naim at least 100 hrs before judging (if new). The more the better.