Naim Nait 5i impressions anyone?

I am thinking about using a pair of JM Lab Cobalt 816s sigs with a Naim Nait 5i and will be using a Jolida JD 100B CD player.
Have a slight idea what the result will be..any educated guesses?? I have not had a chance to hear the Naim Nait 5i and a dealer is just too far away.
I have been considering the 5i for a long time. I also considered other integrated amps like the Creek 5350SE, Moon i5, Audio Analogue, Rega Mira and even American muscle amps like the Ayre AX7 and the Krells.

I did not really do a lot of auditionings for fear of dealing with either over eager or snobbish sales people.

I was biased towards the Naim Nait 5i since my previous amp was a Nait 2 and it lasted 16 years and still gives a lot of new amps a good run.

Finally auditioned the Nait 5i. Could not really tell how it really performed since it was in a sound proof room with different speakers. Finally bite the bullet and bought the Nait 5i on faith, and the price of around $1400 US is quite reasonable IMHO

After hearing it for 2 days with no breaking in and recordings that I am familiar with, I can only say WHOA!

The Nait 2 was very good but the 5i really brings it to another diminsion, in terms of impact and details, good recordings became stunning. The amp is kind of revealing, it can clearly show the difference between a mass labelled CD and a well recorded XRCD and SACDs.

My current configuration is as follow:

Speakers: Celestion A-1 (Havent tried my LS3/5A yet)
CD/SACD/DVDA Player: Pioneer 747SA
Speaker cable - NAC A5
Interconnet to CD player - Chord Chrystalis DIN to RCA 3 metre

I really do not think you will be sorry buying this amp. For the price I do not think anything can touch it.