Naim Nait 5i-2

Looking for a small floor standing speaker that matches well with Nait 5i-2. Will be used in small room, so deep bass and loud volume is not an issue. Prefer under $1000 used. Also have read lots of conflicting opinion about benefits of Naim cabling, curious on experiences with this. Thanks.
I used to drive Linn Ninkas with a Nait 5i-2 and they sounded great. I think they fit your criteria for used price and they are good looking and compact. I played mine in a fairly small room with good results.
Totem Rainmakers or Mites.
Deeply discounted used Harbeth 3's or 7's.
And yes, usually best to use their cable... The longer the better.
Totem Arro and Totem Sttaf are good choices for small floor standers. They match well with Naim. Surprising bass from such a small footprint. Sttaf's are easier to drive, but also harder to find used. They are a step up from the Arro.

With the 5i-2 you do not need to use Naim cables. Older models were designed to expect the impendence of their cables, but that is not the way the amps are designed anymore. So, pretty much anything goes, although lots of people still use their cables.
Just hooked it up to a pair of Avalon Evolution NP2.0 speakers, Analysis Plus cables, and it sounds great.
Should be sweet. Avalon makes great speakers and the 5i-2 is a fine integrated. Enjoy!
I see a lot of positive reviews of the Nait 5i-2, but little mention of the Naim CD5i -2. Thoughts on the CD player?
Has anyone tried the Vienna Acoustics Mozarts with the Nait5i?
The CD5i-2 is an excellent CDP. Their was a bigger leap forward with the CD5i to CD5i-2 than the Nait 5i IMO. The main difference is the old CD5i had hard edge in the highs, the 5i-2 got rid of it. Their should be some reviews of the original CD5i out there. They're pretty similar, but the 5i-2 is a good bit more refined overall.