Naim Nait 3r or Linn Majik

I'm thinking about downsizing my system. I'm considering either a Naim Nait 3r or a Linn Majik. Any advice or opinions about these two amps would be appreciated. I have Paradigm speakers and I think they are 6 ohms/90db sensitive. I would just be listen to CDs, so phono stage wouldn't be important. Down the road, which amp would be more upgradedable? Especially if I wanted to go to an all Naim or Linn system. Thanks
I own all Linn Majik, Tukan and Karik i would go with the Linn, as more available and affordable. I think? Than again, both products are of the high value and quality so you should audition both, and decide what kind of sound you more prefere. Good Luck!
I'd go for the Linn. Although they are both upgradeable the Linn is more flexible, in my point of view. Especially if you want to use components from other brands the Linn has the edge. But finally it's the sound that matters, and that's up to your ears. So listen and decide! By the way, both brands have a good reputation for reliability and service, so that won't be a problem.
I own a Linn Majik and have a friend who sells both. It is a matter of preference, but it is true that the Linn is more flexible. Sound wise both are excellent. I opt for the Linn because of the cool design.
I also have a Majik, and I would add that it is a great performer with lower-impedance speakers. I run mine into MBQuarts (4ohms, and that little amp really rocks my bedroom. It's peak current is remarkable, but be sure to audition several speaker cables. I've had other Linn gear for many years and it is very reliable and service is excellent.
I own the Linn Majik - it's a fabulous little unit - very musical, compact, easy to use and built great. I don't know anything about the Naim, so I'm not voting for one over the other, just saying that the Linn is a real nice piece should you go that route.
DO NOT buy a Linn Majik without hearing the Naim! Also, there's a new Nait 5 due out any day. The Nait is a fabulous little amp, a cut above the Linn to my ears, as is the Bryston B-60, a third candidate you should hear. The B-60 may be the best of the group. And don't worry about flexibility. Any cable can be adapted to run din to balanced or din to RCA for a pittance. And if you end up with a Naim cd player (CD5 due out any day to replace the very fine CD 3.5) you can run din to din. I am not a Naim fan overall, but the Nait and their cd players are superb.