Naim Nait 2/3 vs Linn Majik i

Hi everybody,

I'm putting together a second system for the office. I've picked up some Linn Tukan speakers and I currently have a Rotel RX-1052.

I'm thinking about one of these older integrated amps instead of the Rotel. Can anyone compare the Nait 2/3 vs the older Linn Majik i? I know I'm almost asking a religous question here:)

Anyway, I like that these amps have phono stages for a possible future foray into vinyl. Also with the Linn I could add another amp and go aktiv.

The Naits have a cult following. I used to have a Nait 5i with Ninkas, but I'm thinking of the Nait 2 or 3 with the Tukans.

Any other ideas?


You want religion, you got it (lol). I would take the Nait 2, 3, or 3R any day.

Still upset that I sold that Nait 3R a couple of years ago. Great amp...great value on the used market but rare in the USA where I reside.

I like that these older amps have phono stages as ideal for your needs. I think you are on the right track...the Linn won't suck either, btw.