Naim/Linn/Arcam to match Proac response 1sc?

A novice needs experts' advice on chossing an amp to drive Proac response 1sc.

I have been looking at (all used)

- Linn Classik music
- Linn Majik i
- Naim Nait 5i
- Arcam AVR300
- Arcam A85

but can't really decide. It doesn't really have to be multi-channel since I will only hook up my DVD player to external input. What would you go with?

I prefer crisp, clear midrange and fast-responses. That is also why I chose Proac response 1sc.

Thanks in advance.
I drive my 1sc's with tubes. Cayin 100 and also Sound Valves M60 mono blocks. From either of these units you will get the crisp, clean mid range and fast responses you are looking for.
I biamp my D15 with an AVR300 in direct analog mode. You can use 4 of the seven amps to power the speakers. Great imaging and best value for the dollar. I have also driven Tablette 50's with similar results. If you want the tube sound you can use the pre outs and get a tube amp later.
I suppose that Linn Majik i drives 1sc rather good for Vocal and country Music but If you like Symphony or other with many musical intrumments, it makes you disappointed cos' its poor dynamic. Naim 5i is better but expensive. For my experience, I recommend Creek 4040s3 for all types of music with full satisfaction at lower budget.

Agreed with doanhnhan2000, small amp for big sound at the low cost. I have many friends here using it with good review. Naim is good too but high price.
Go with Naim. I have owned older Arcams and listened to the Naim XS. If you want crisp sound, fast transients, and good pace and timing, the Naim will give you that. There are many users who love the the musicality of Arcams. The Arcams will be soft-sounding in comparison with reduced macrodynamics. I never liked the Arcam sound, just not to my taste but they can sound good in the right system. No experience with Linn.

For Proac 1sc you might want to consider tubes. Read that the 1sc sounds fabulous with tubes.
Primare series ingrated amps
will work great and Proac uses these electronics at the Hi fi trade shows.
Cheers Johnnyr