Naim integrated compatible as a great preamp?

I am trying to figure out what to upgrade next on my system. I am looking for a preamp upgrade and am ultimatedly willing to spend 2.5k for the upgrade. How is the naim line of integrated and preamps? Are they compatible with other components that are not NAIM? I have a DNA 225, BC 2 Mono class A amps and also a SET 300B Amp. Will I get that NAIM PRAT and something else with a NAIM in charge of the line inputs or should I invest in upgrading a First Sound Presence Deluxe to a MKII status for 2.5k? Is there anything else out there that is Solid State and that can do a better job? I am thinking about a component that can do linestaging duties with a variety of amps, such as those in my collection.

I like Naim equipment although I don't currently own any. Of course you can use a Naim preamp with other brands, but you'll have to use special cables with the Naim DIN connector to RCA. I think the magical PRaT of Naim equipment comes from having Naim components throughout the signal path. They are really are design to work with one another.
Naim pre-amps are designed to be used with Naim amps. They are powered by the Amp or by a separate power supply.

Some people do use Naim pre amps with non Naim Amps, but it's not commom.

If you like the naim sound you could try somthing like a Nac102 pre with the Hicap power supply. They seem to go for about $1500 and $650 used. However If you add a Nap180 amp you've got a really sweet system.

Another way to add a little PRAT to your system would be to get a Naim CD player. For $2500 you could get The mighty CDX used. This thing will really make your system boogie.

I have used my Naim 32.5 preamp with Hicap power supply, with other solid state amps with great success (quad 606, Classe). You do need a din to RCA interconnect with non Naim amps. But here is the cool thing. If you have another system (I have Rogue gear too), and not using the Naim preamp you can use the HI-cap , or other Naim power supply, to power a Naim stageline phono stage ($350 new) and have a phono section for your second system. I like this especially when switching between gear in the summer and winter. The hicap/stageline is great and you maximize the use of the hicap. FYI , my 32.5 also has phono boards. You also use the same din to RCA interconnect to connect the phono to you non-Naim linestage.

Now Naim amps with non-Naim preamps , no.

Don't be afraid of Naim in non-Naim systems. Hook up with a good dealer for help.